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Fostering affordability within our community
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The Affordability Task Force gathered extensive community input to learn more about regional affordability challenges and their impact on those of us living in the Bay Area.

After the Task Force was created in 2018 with over 70 members, a comprehensive community survey was conducted, focus groups held, and a significant analysis was done on a suite of recommendations. As a result, new programs and services were implemented in 2020 and 2021, and recommendations continue to be reviewed. 





  • A new series of affordability initiatives for staff, faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars announced
  • New programs launched for postdoctoral scholars and staff
  • Due to the pandemic, currently aligning previous recommendations to evolving needs as the university progresses with long-term recovery efforts
  • Expansion of dependent care support
  • Recommendations prioritized and prepared for submission
  • Discussion of final recommendations and leadership groups
  • Due to global pandemic, initiatives generally on hold; however, some initiatives moving forward as decisions about funding and priorities are made
  • Assessments conducted with faculty, academic staff, staff, and postdocs
  • Potential solutions developed and analysis conducted based on stakeholder group input

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